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Braiden's Fun Fact Files

Braiden's Fun Factfiles


There are lots of different dinos out there but they aren’t really alive anymore. The different eaters range from carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The species of flying dinosaur are called pterosaurs. Stegosauruses are super territorial. Dinosaurs lived for over 245 million years ago. That’s about 671,232 years! The Greek name sauros means lizard and the name deinos meaning fearfully great. A fearfully great lizard! There are 700 species of dinosaur extinct in the world. Now your probably wondering,  AHH DINOS RUNNNN! Actually these dinos are pretty harmless. Lizards, birds, Komodo dragon and bearded dragon.

Ahhh the T-Rex. Tiny hands massive legs. They are scared of a small but fast dino. The velociraptor. T-Rex are very aggressive and get angered easily. Now-that’s a dinosaur not to mess with. Pterodactyl. Why cant you hear them go to the toilet? I don’t know. Maybe its because they have a silent p? These beasts in the sky are carnivores and eat fish and other animals. Boy I wouldn’t go near that dino. I think that pterodactyl is happy leaving humans alone though. We would taste rather bland. Oh and our dear friend the brontosaurus. The name means Thunder Lizard, they come from the Sauropods family. They lived in the Jurassic period approximately 150 million years ago, the brontosaurus weighed a staggering 17 tonnes and was 72 feet tall. That’s the length of a cricket pitch ! WOW !