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Paper Shortage Information

You will be aware that there is an international shortage of copier paper with cost prices rising steeply on an almost daily basis.

The situation has been described as a perfect storm with the cost of pulp increasing dramatically as mills opt to use the source for more profitable materials such as packaging, energy costs have gone through the roof, shipping charges have increased massively, paper mills have been on strike and the war in Ukraine has brought an end to Russia as a source for wood and mill production. Add to that the fact that non-European mills, such as South America, choose to sell to far more profitable markets than Europe and the UK and you will soon see why there is a paper crisis at the moment!

Currently we have the papers below in stock, whilst we await GOSA4 and GOSA4WB to come back into stock.

Rest assued we are doing everything we can to keep disruption to a minimum. 

All the best, the GOS team. 

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